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Children of different ages are suitable for different wooden toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Wooden toys have a variety of categories, but when parents to choose toys for their children usually take into account the puzzle of toys, then which toys are educational toys? Among them are wooden building blocks, wooden puzzles (plane puzzles/stereo puzzles), wooden 3D three-dimensional collage toys, wooden model toys (architectural model). Traffic models, animal models) ... A wide variety.

Are intelligent wooden toys, then the children of different ages how to choose suitable toys to achieve the effect of the puzzle.

One of the building blocks of toys are also divided into many kinds of toys, pieces of wood blocks, and even the building blocks puzzle will be different baby has this different emphasis on the role of intelligence, so, according to the baby's age to choose toys that is vital.

1, block blocks are mainly used to develop the baby's grip ability, hand-eye coordination ability, wooden building blocks are usually made of different colors to attract the baby's attention, so that the baby can grasp, hold, see, usually 2 years old after the baby can play, but also pay attention to the baby do not swallow. 2. The development of the imagination, creativity and the development of the divergent thinking are beneficial to the developing of the children's imaginations.

Puzzles usually make different scenes, let our baby free to play the imagination, how to complete their own works, such toys generally after the age of 3 play, the best effect.

3, wooden puzzle building blocks general development of the child's thinking logic ability, suitable for the 4-year-old child playing, the younger children can not complete. 4, wooden 3D three-dimensional collage toys generally difficult, suitable for 10 years old or even adults to complete. This will exercise their patience and how to find and solve problems.