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How to choose high quality wooden toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

1. See if there is a smell 

The general wooden toys on the market have more or less the smell of wood itself, but if the toys are too strong or have other odors, then the toy may be too tightly molded or the paint on the surface of the toy will be in trouble. And this time do not need to worry too much, just take the wooden toys apart outside the packing in the ventilated place cool 1-2 days.

And the problem of paint, under normal circumstances, as long as the regular toy store buy wooden toy paint will not have any problems.

2. Smooth surface without burrs

Wooden toys are generally mechanical + hand-made, therefore need to pay attention to a point to see whether the surface of the toy is smooth, wooden toys, the more smooth surface of the toy work more fine, because the baby's small hands more delicate, in the purchase must pay attention to avoid the baby in playing toys when the Burr stuck to.

3. Toy Material 

Common wooden toys are generally divided into four kinds of materials, one is rubber wood, the second kind of birch, this kind of wood texture is exquisite, feel very good, and durable, but relatively the price is slightly higher than the average price of toys. The third is lime wood/poplar plywood, this kind of wood texture is beautiful, feel light, not easy to deformation, usually used to make some DIY model toys, 3D three-dimensional collage toys, etc., the fourth is MDF board, etc., generally applicable to the make-up or planar jigsaw toys, with such materials to make a lot of toys, and relatively low prices. Parents can choose suitable wooden toys according to their own or children's preferences.