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How to do the strict control of wooden toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

I. Pay attention to the limit of heavy metals in toy paints At present, there are two kinds of coatings used in wooden toy products, one is paint, including nitrocellulose paint, varnish, water paint. The second is ink. A small number of toys use edible pigments, and individual toys contain Zhihua pigments.

It is noteworthy that the solvent quality used to dissolve the paint directly affects the quality of the finished product. EU standards, the United States and GB standards are the toy paint in the harmful heavy metal elements (lead, etc. 8 elements) of the content of the clear provisions, the three major standards for the maximum number of portable lead in paint is consistent, are 90PPM. The American Standard stipulates that the total lead content in toy paints is less than 600PPM.

The maximum limit of lead in toy materials is 1000PPM in EU RoHS directive.

Therefore, the production enterprises to understand the import of paint coating in the limits of the limit of lead, the use of compliance with the importing countries of all types of coating materials, and procurement, the use of qualified solvents is also very important.

Second, paint coating other aspects of quality problems should not be overlooked In addition to paint coating harmful metal elements such as lead, barium, cadmium, etc., other aspects of quality problems should not be overlooked.

Such as:

1, as a result of the paint failure caused by the collapse of paint products, this in some products drop test paint coating will occur block off phenomenon.

2, as a result of the paint is not qualified to produce a sticky phenomenon, especially at high temperature (about 60 degrees) (such as the transport process in the sealed container), resulting in the adhesive between the parts, forcibly open after a surface paint off Lu Bai, the other side is attached to other colors cause pollution.

3, some paint adhesion is not enough, easy to fade (off) color, resulting in cross contamination.

Some suggestions on the quality of paint for the production enterprises

1, strengthen learning and training, familiar with the National Toy safety standards. 2, pay attention to production process management. To choose the appropriate production technology; strictly control the chemical substances and dosage added in the production process, pay attention to the management of tools, clean before use, avoid cross-contamination, strengthen the management of paint storage, not disorderly use, mixed paint, the purchase of paint using batch management, establish the use of records, to facilitate traceability.