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How to store wooden toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Wooden toys should be paid more attention to when they are stored than ordinary toys. Because wooden toys wood chips parts, if the improper storage will be scattered around, not only damage toys and safety, toys should not be scattered around at home, because the floor is full of toys, children or the elderly in the home accidentally stepped on, it may trip and hurt.

So parents need to give their children a place in the house to place toys specifically for their children, if the place does not allow or space is not enough, also can place the toy on the short shelf or the transparent storage box, this can avoid the toy to scatter everywhere, also can let the child form the good habit which cleans up the thing, more convenient child takes free. There are also taboos in storing wooden toys, and do not store wooden toys in some perishable plastic bags or paper bags. Lest the toys fall out of the bag to hurt the children, but also because of the special material of plastic bags, to avoid children in their own toys in the process of bag accidentally in the child's face to cause suffocation, the child's safety first, therefore, Parents should avoid these unnecessary accidents as soon as possible, in addition, every time the child is finished toys parents should promptly remind the child after each time the toy to tidy up their toys, put back to the original position, teach their children to do their own things, so that children form a good habit of life.