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What are the materials of wooden toys good?
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Solid wood model toys, using wood-made wooden model toys, structural good, and very resistant to play, do not crack deformation, such model toys are usually slightly higher prices, because of the characteristics of the material, the price of solid wood materials than other materials of higher prices, and not easy to produce and processing, the use of wood production toys are generally the most building blocks, and model toy precision requirements are very high, so in the production process has a certain degree of difficulty, which is caused by the high price of wood model toys one of the reasons. 

Lime Wood Splint Model toys, use this kind of material to make wooden model toys, because lime wood material nature is mild so not easy to crack deformation, wood grain delicate natural, low density, in the production and processing of a lot of time, but the process is simple and easy to operate. The price of a solid wood model toy is much lower than that.