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What to pay attention to when DIY wooden toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

DIY wooden toys, as its name suggests, are handmade wooden toys, in a long time ago, children play wooden toys are carved out of hand tools, and according to the rapid development of modern technology, the sale of DIY wooden toys are manufactured by machine equipment, even so,

Again convenient and quick DIY toys also need to assemble their own hands, masonry. DIY wooden toys have a variety of styles, including building models, animal models, military building models ... Everything, so how do we make it, what we need to prepare for DIY wooden toys.

Because DIY wooden toys are more parts, usually in the assembly time to make a fuss. First in the open packaging, should not be DIY wooden toy parts all removed, first a whole piece out, in the opposite side of the part will usually be printed with the corresponding figures, find the relevant instructions, and the product with a small glue with a small sandpaper. So many people do not understand the glue is what sandpaper is used to do, in fact, DIY wooden toys in the production process, because the use of knife mold more and more, some cards will become larger, loose, in the assembly of the card, easy to fall, so in the loosening of the buckle with glue on the good, sandpaper is the same, Many times because the thickness of the plank is different, stamping time did not wear, some Humau thorn, if there is no sandpaper will affect the overall appearance of wooden toys, so in the assembly of DIY wooden toys, glue and sandpaper is an essential part of the accessories.