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How To Choose Wooden Toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

1. Touch the toy with the hand, should be sensitive to the touch, no burr, sharp angle, fine wood.

2. Put the toys under the nose to smell, if there is a peculiar smell, the toy may be coated with unsafe paint, or not real logs made of toys.

3. Wipe the toy with paper towel, white cloth, handkerchief and so on, and should not be stained with any pigments.

4. For those who like to put toys into the mouth of the baby, toy parts can not be too small, so that the baby swallowed or stuffed into the nostrils, ears and other parts to bring harm to the baby.

5. Toy parts can not be too heavy, so that the baby is not convenient to grasp and accidentally hurt himself.

6. Make the toy wood chips to have a certain thickness, not easy to break or broke.

7. If it is not possible to determine whether the coloured toy is safe, consider buying a toy that is not colored.

8. Check the toy trademark to see if the name of the manufacturer, site, production-0 days, production materials, suitable age, safety warning language, the implementation of standard number, product certification and other projects.

9. Shake the toy with the hand, check whether the individual parts of the toy are firm, will fall down.

10. Toys with ropes, the length of the rope should not exceed 30 centimeters.

11. When choosing a voice toy, listen to whether it is too loud or too harsh.

12. Pay attention to the choice of surface formation, there is no "gully", gaps, more easily cleaned toys.