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Seven Points Of Attention For Wooden Toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Note One: The surface should be smooth and soft Wooden toy's modelling should try to avoid the sharp angle, the right angle appearance, prevents the child to stab the injury, the clip.

Some edges and corners are sharp, the edge rough surface is apt to cause the injury, therefore, the parents should try to choose the surface smooth soft wooden toy.

Note Two: Open hole size should be moderate

Kindergarten Wooden Toys open hole size should be moderate, can not be too small, to prevent the fingers, arms into the clip, to the adult hand size can wear the past and a slight rotation is better, also can not be too large, to prevent the presence of head stuck in the situation.

Note Three: Fence spacing should be moderate

Children's bed guardrail and other places, the interval is too large, may lead to toddlers into the head, trapped in between two fences, to ensure that the interval between 4 to 6 centimeters, can be assured to buy.

Note Four: Bunk beds should pay attention to the details

The upper staircase design of the double bed has to have certain inclination, the pedal is wide enough, the corner is rounded, and the top of the pedal is non-slip, the upper bed has guardrail, the bed ladder can be self-contained in the side, and the guardrail is slightly lower than the other three sides.

Note Five: Easy to use broken materials mo

On the outer surface of wooden toys in kindergarten, do not use fragile materials (such as glass, mirror), such as panel materials, but also pay attention to strict restrictions on fixed wooden toys with rivets and other metal objects do not exposed or set to rubber and other soft things, in case the child in play hurt.

Note Six: The parts should be secured to be careful Some wooden toy manufacturers, in order to curry with children's psychology, in the bed on the railing will be affixed to some of the beloved cartoon image, parents in the screening of this kind of wooden toys, especially elevated bed, sure to confirm the shape of such paste can have enough impact, to avoid children in the push and pull off when the attack.

If there are small parts in wooden toys, it is better to see if they are solid to prevent the child from tearing and biting.

Note Seven: Closed modelling less meet Children like to play on the ground, in order to avoid the head when the collision, it is best to design wooden toys closed, and the panel should not be used outside the shape of the extension.