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The Development Course Of Wooden Toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Ancient wooden toys, is a single wooden toys, modern wooden toys are different degrees of practical use of different materials technology and processing, to achieve a variety of toy functions, multi-functional. Wooden toys in the category of toys, a long history, wooden toys in Europe and the United States in the history of the development of each stage, in Europe and the United States have a unique cultural ideology, the respective national history, Germany's wooden toys are the earliest and most famous.

In Germany in ancient times, there is a belt lathe, wooden toy is a belt lathe processing, and then hand-polished, the size of this type of wooden toys from a small few feet to a large number of toys have, this kind of toys the most representative works on the Muya Ark. There's a man named Alberta in Philadelphia, USA. He was a German, 1872 immigrants to the United States, he began to make wooden horse toys for the circus, he made wooden horse with flexible and free, lifelike features, by many local circus used, has been still able to see its traces, is a popular Trojan horse. Later, the circus in the Trojan installed four wheels, it became the prototype of the ancient wagon.