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Three Mistaken Ideas Of Wooden Toy Selection
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Myth One: wood wooden toys = Low Formaldehyde

In the eyes of many consumers, wood wooden toys do not need to use paint, and the plate itself is more environmentally friendly, therefore, the existence of wood wood toys must be more than wooden wood toys environmental protection concept. In fact, wood wooden toys on the surface to be coated with varnish, wood wood toys will also be used to adhesives, especially wood stickers wooden toys, so buy wood wooden toys to find out all wood wood toys or solid wood veneer wooden toys.

In addition, if it is not natural wood toys, wood wood toys in the board will also be used in the adhesive, there will be formaldehyde emissions of the problem; wood wooden toys and wood wooden toys, may also involve formaldehyde emissions exceeded the problem.

Myth Two: Light color = less harmful substances

Many people believe that the colorful plate wooden toys to color must be used to heavy metals, to choose the kindergarten wooden toys as far as possible to select the lighter color paint wooden toys. In fact, the color of paint is not related to harmful substances, wooden toys color more colourful, the more heavy metal contained in the argument is wrong. As long as the paint, all contain heavy metals, and the depth of the color independent. For the heavy metal content of paint, manufacturers should have test reports, consumers can pay attention to check when buying. water-based Paint is the full name of water-based wood paint, and paint is a relative concept. In terms of environmental performance, water-based paint is really much more environmentally friendly.

However, even if the use of water-based paint, it is still recommended that consumers need to see the relevant testing reports.

Misunderstanding three: low formaldehyde = environmental protection Many parents think that the low formaldehyde content of kindergarten wooden toys is environmentally friendly wooden toys.

In fact, the environmental performance of wooden toys also involves benzene, heavy metal lead and so on. Environmental protection is only a relative concept, for wooden toys, the country has a corresponding limit of harmful substances, its indicators are wooden toys, the amount of harmful substances released. Wooden toys such as the index of formaldehyde emissions and paint in the heavy metal content; cloth wooden toys to see benzene and some volatile organic matter persuasive; stone wood toys are required for radioactivity. Although the State has relevant regulations, but the market on the sale of products are not all qualified products, because the child resistance is weaker, health is more vulnerable, therefore, consumers in the purchase of wooden toys, not only need to pay attention to formaldehyde emissions, but also according to the corresponding wooden toys material to pay attention to their harmful content.