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Toy Brand For Wooden Toys
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Foreign brands include: Japan's Strawberry Company, the United States of Melissa&doug, Italy's Sevi and Trudi, Germany's Haba, Spain's fruit music, and so on, there are many toy companies in the domestic agent these brands, or to begin to expand China's market. Pleasant people began to expand China's market, Sevi and fruit music agents in China is a wooden family.

Physical stores can still buy authentic. Domestic brands are: Wooden play family, Dany Peculiar, Trojan wisdom, family Huan, wisdom cubic, childlike innocence and so on. The wood-playing family and Dany's peculiar factories are both in the cloud and in the past, and have also been turning to the domestic market in recent years. Wooden Play Family brand history earlier, in the 70 's has begun in the last century, and the online bunk a large distribution channels out, physical stores more. Intelligence cube is firmly occupied wooden toy electric business volume of the first one, online sales are large. Hape and wooden play family is generally belong to the domestic wooden toys high-end brand.